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Why Flowyak

One template, all you need

Get your project running.

Just add your content and you are ready to launch. Once you’re happy with the changes, you can publish your site with the click of a button.

Easy customization

With the Webflow Editor, you can create and edit content right on your page, so there’s no need to navigate a messy backend CMS.

Professional design

Our templates are mobile responsive and designed with purposely selected layouts, colors, and fonts. See the results in your bottom line.

Done-for-you services

For a small fee, we will help you customize your template. Want something unique? We also offer custom graphics and built from scratch websites.

answers to your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

When and where will I get my template?

After the checkout, we will ask you the email associated to your Webflow's account and send the template right there.

The process is managed manually and can take up to 24 hours. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but it is the only way we can do it at the moment.

Question 2

How does the money back guarantee work?

All of our templates and plans come with a full money back guarantee. If you don't like our work, we will refund 100% of the price you paid, no questions asked.

Question 3

How does the Template Setup plan work?

We will customize colors and fonts according to your requests. We will also add to the template your copy, icons, and images. The plan doesn't include copywriting, custom graphics (offered with the Custom Assets plan), and custom components.

If you'd like, we can take components from other templates and add them to yours or change the order and remove existing components.

You should send us an email with assets, colors, fonts, and any other information relevant to your website right after the purchase to

The process can take up to two working days.

Question 4

How does the Custom Assets plan work?

We will draw custom assets to match your brand identity: icons, illustrations, and mockups. The plan doesn't include logo design, video, GIFs, copywriting, and layout changes.

We will create the assets based on your copywriting and style of choice. If you don't like, we offer unlimited revisions to our work.

You will get the first draft in three working days.

Question 5

How does the Custom Website plan work?

We will design and develop a custom website that fully matches your desires. The website will be mobile responsive and optimized for SEO.

The plan can include custom icons, illustrations, mockups, logo design, videos, and GIFs. It will be tailored to your needs and open to discussion.

Question 6

Do you offer any kind of support?

Before we send you the project, our premium plans (Basic Setup, Custom Assets, and Custom Website) include unlimited email support before we send the project to you.

After we send you the project, support will require a fee.

Question 7

Can I host my website somewhere else?

Sure, you can, but it comes with some limitations.

We built our templates in Webflow. Exporting the code, you will lose access to the editor that allows you to modify your website and manage your blog posts easily.

It is a solution that we recommend for a website that doesn't need frequent updater or the CMS. In that case, you could host it for free on Netlify.

While slightly more expensive, Webflow hosting is top tier quality and will make your website easier to maintain and scale.